Madison Investments Launches Sustainable Equity Fund | 01.03.2022

Madison, WI –

Madison Investments is pleased to announce the addition of a new sustainable fund to its lineup of risk-conscious mutual funds. The Madison Sustainable Equity Fund is an actively-managed, high conviction mutual fund designed to pursue long-term capital appreciation by investing in the common stock of high-quality, durable growth, large cap companies that the Fund’s portfolio managers believe incorporate sustainability into their overall strategy.

The Fund is managed by Maya Bittar, CFA® and Dave Geisler, who have more than 52 years of combined industry experience and have been managing the sustainability-focused Disciplined Equity Separately Managed Account (SMA) at Madison since 2018.

“Many environmental, social, and governmental principles have been incorporated into our research process for a long time, and we are excited to launch a fund that invests in companies that make sustainability a strategic priority.” said Rich Eisinger, Head of Equities at Madison Investments, adding “Maya and Dave have a long track record of managing equity portfolios with special attention paid to sustainability factors.”

Earlier this year, Madison Investments signed the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, the world’s leading global network of investors striving for responsible investment by actively incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors into analysis, decision-making, and ownership practices.

“We believe high-quality, durable growth companies that integrate sustainability into their strategy and operations will deliver value to investors over the long-term.” said Maya Bittar, Portfolio Manager. “In our opinion, companies with strong sustainable attributes are better managers of short- and long-term risks and opportunities, and as a result make for better risk-adjusted investment returns.”

The Madison Sustainability Equity Fund is available in individual class Y shares (MFSYX) and institutional class I shares (MFSIX) with investment minimums of $1,000 and $250,000, respectfully.

About Madison Investments

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There can be no assurance the Fund will achieve its investment objective. The Fund may invest in large cap, mid cap, foreign or emerging market equities which are subject to market volatility. Equity risk is the risk that securities held by the Fund will fluctuate in value due to general market or economic conditions, perceptions regarding the industries in which the issuers of securities held by the portfolio participate, and the particular circumstances and performance of particular companies whose securities the portfolio holds. In addition, while broad market measures of common stocks have historically generated higher average returns than fixed income securities, common stocks have also experienced significantly more volatility in those returns.

The Fund follows a sustainable investment approach by investing in companies that embed sustainability in their overall strategy and demonstrate adherence to sustainable business practices. In pursuing such a strategy, the Fund may forgo opportunities to gain exposure to certain companies, industries or sectors, and may be overweight or underweight in certain industries or sectors relative to its benchmark index, which may cause the Fund's performance to be more or less sensitive to developments affecting those sectors. In addition, since sustainable investing takes into consideration factors beyond traditional financial analysis, the investment opportunities for the Fund may be limited at times. Sustainability related information provided by issuers and third parties, upon which the portfolio managers may rely, continues to develop, and may be incomplete, inaccurate, use different methodologies, or be applied differently across companies and industries. Madison’s framework of sustainable investing will vary from other managers. Further, the regulatory landscape for sustainable investing in the United States is still developing and future rules and regulations may require the Fund to modify or alter its investment process. Similarly, government policies incentivizing companies to engage in sustainable practices may fall out of favor, which could potentially limit the Fund’s investment universe. There is also a risk that the companies identified through the investment process may fail to adhere to sustainable business practices, which may result in the Fund selling a security when it might otherwise be disadvantageous to do so.