Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 10.14.22

In this edition of Week in Review, inflation remains the hot topic across the fixed income markets. Find out what Reinhart’s Fixed Income team has to say about this week’s news.

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Madison Client Communication | 3Q 2022

The S&P 500 remained erratic, finishing the second quarter down 16.1%, bringing the year's total to 20.0%. With a 75 basis point increase in June and another one anticipated in July, the Federal Reserve has begun its aggressive monetary tightening to reduce inflation. By the end of the year, the Fed Funds Rate is anticipated to reach 3.38 %. Much of these anticipated movements have been priced in by the bond market, yield curve, and equities markets.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 10.07.22

Following the announcement of OPEC cutting oil production and Fed officials reaffirming their hawkish stance on rate hikes, read the Reinhart Fixed Income team’s thoughts on the week's news in their Week in Review.

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Monthly Market Update - October 2022

They say humans are protected by an innate inability to remember pain. But that might not apply to bear markets. You may recall the previous one, sparked by the Covid pandemic in March 2020, as sharp but short-lived. The one we're living through, which will probably be forever associated with inflation, already seems prolonged, although pain always seems endless in the moment. The S&P 500® Index dipped -9.2% in September, bringing the third quarter in at -4.9% and the year-to-date return to -23.9%.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 09.30.22

This week Reinhart Fixed Income focuses on the continued effects of inflation by look at August’s income and spending results, as well as notable events across Europe this week.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 09.23.22

Following another 75 basis point raise to interest rates, hear everything Reinhart Fixed Income has to say in this edition of the Week in Review.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 09.16.22

With this week’s announcement of an increase in CPI during August, find out what Reinhart Fixed Income thinks this means for the Fed’s response to taming inflation. Read all their thoughts on this week's news here.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 09.09.22

Following a week of speeches from several Fed members, Reinhart Fixed Income share their thoughts on the comments. Read everything they have to say on this week’s events.

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