Macroeconomic Update - April 2022

Investment Perspectives for Insurance Companies. At an industry conference last month, Madison Portfolio Manager Jeff Matthias shared the following macroeconomic update, including the firm’s thoughts on monetary policy, inflation and unemployment, household and business outlook, risk of stagflation and/or recession, and a general outlook for both the economic and credit cycles.

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Madison Client Communication | 1Q 2022

After three solid years in the equity markets, the first quarter of 2022 was a vastly different environment. It marked two years of pandemic complications including lost lives, business closures, lower labor force participation, supply chain disruptions, and higher commodity prices. The pandemic has also played a large role in the elevated inflation we are seeing today.

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Market Volatility is Back... With Few Places for Investors to Hide

Fixed Income Perspectives for the First Quarter of 2022 Financial markets experienced one of the most volatile periods in years during the first quarter of 2022, even when compared to the dramatic moves as the Covid-19 shutdown unfolded. Spanning equity, commodity, and bond markets, investors found few places to hide. However, after experiencing this rapid repricing, there are reasons to be optimistic going forward.

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Temporary disruption or seismic shift?

Equity Market Perspectives for the First Quarter of 2022 Over 15 months ago, in one of our year-end letters summarizing 2020, we mentioned how so many events were packed into the year; it felt like we experienced a decade’s worth of macro-economic and geopolitical events in one year, including but not limited to, a pandemic, 1960s-style social unrest, a disputed political contest, and extremely volatile stock markets. To that list, we can now add a war involving a major global power.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 03.25.22

Reinhart’s Fixed Income team weighs in on Chairman Powell’s comments around taking more aggressive steps to control inflation and more in this week’s version of Week in Review.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 03.18.22

This week, the Reinhart Fixed Income team shares their views on the Fed’s plan to combat inflation, the rally in Chinese equities, increasing retail sales, and the impacts of Idaho’s population growth.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 03.11.22

This week the Reinhart Fixed Income team examines February's Consumer Price Index results and all-time high sales tax revenue in Texas.

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Reinhart Fixed Income Week in Review by Madison Investments 03.04.22

Reinhart Fixed Income weighs in on events that affected the markets this week including; Chairman Powell's testimony to Congress, the latest on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and more.

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